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Razorblade Graphics

His Infernal Majesty Icons, Layouts, Etc.

Razorblade Graphics // H.I.M. Graphic Community
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Welcome! This is razrbld_graphic, and I am your moderator jeneypeney. This is a place where you can find HIM icons, banners, layouts, and other graphics made by me. As of right now, it is only my own work on this community. Someday I might add more mods and what-not, but for now it's just me.

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I don't ask much. So please don't be a fucktard and ignore the rules. If I catch people breaking them, I will be forced to put my name all over the graphics... and you know how annoying and tacky that looks. So just do it, mmmkay?

1) Credit me or the community. For icons, credit in your keywords. For banners and layouts, credit in your info. For those of you who don't know, just put;

<*lj user="jeneypeney"> (or) <*lj comm="razrbld_graphic"> in you keywords (minus the *)

Layout/Banner Credit: <*lj user="jeneypeney"> (or) <*lj comm="razrbld_graphic"> in your info

2) Comment when you take things. I work hard on this stuff, and I have an ego that needs to be fed. When you like something and want to use it, let me know! It'll motivate me to make more as well. ;-)

3) No Notlinking. Running out of bandwidth sucks and makes people (like me) angry. So please just don't do it. Please save things to your own server. Photobucket is a really easy and free image hosting site you can use.

4) No Flaming. It's just childish. Be a grown-up.

I will take requests unless otherwise stated. Please fill out this form if you have a request. (Please comment on a post if you wish to request.)

Request: Icon, Banner, Layout, etc.
Images(s): Url code or image itself.
Text: Any text you want.
Border: Any borders you want.
Colors: Any colors you want.
Other: Any other things you want on your graphic that is not stated above.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pimp it, if you so wish.



(I'll try to work on some more manly banners...)

Previous posts are mem'ed and archived on the sidebar of the journal for easy acess.
A tutorial on putting layouts onto your journal can be found here.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Heartagram, the Razorblade, or anything else that has to do with the band HIM. Though I wish I did own the band members as sex slaves...

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